Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Promised & Delivered

While wandering through the local big-box retailer the other day, I stopped and perused the nail polish.  I needed a pedicure (or at least a fresh coat of color to distract from the fact that I would [still] need a pedicure).

I noticed a Sally Hansen line of polishes called "InstaDry".  Dubious, I looked for a color for my tootsies, figuring at the very least, I'd get some color--Stat!  I did not expect the polish to deliver its touted "One-Coat" and "Quick-Dry" properties.  I mean, their "Hard as Nails" products have only ever been as hard as my own nails--that is, not hard at all.  Another gimmick, I figured, to get me to buy their product over others.

I'd wadded T.P. between my toes to keep 'em separate while I painted, and assumed I'd be hobbling around with splayed toes for twenty or so minutes after the application.  However, by the time I was done with tootsie #10, the first one was dry.  Really dry--and not just to the touch. After only one coat my toes looked fab. In ten minutes I was on my way.

No fuss, no muss, no smears and no dings. 

Best $4.97 I've spent in there since I splurged on Terro a few years back. 


Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  Sally Hansen and company don't really care about my opinion, and they certainly didn't solicit my review. 

However, if you are looking for a way to support me in my writing endeavors, a great place to start would by purchasing our book through this affiliate link:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Smackdown in Podunk|Turkeys Gone Wild

If you've got four minutes, and would like to see nature in all its glory, have I got a clip for you!

Here in Podunk, we have a bevy of wild turkeys and right now they are busy chasing all their peeping poults around, keeping them safe from traffic, local hawks--basically protecting them from the myriad dangers of country life.

But there is trouble in the crew...two males had a smackdown on my lawn.  And they are mean buggers. Check it out:

So, you should know, this took me forever to upload on here!  Boy, I thought Google+ would be my friend here, but it was hard to get this happening.  I finally just went through YouTube.  Maybe that's what I was supposed to do in the first place?  I don't know.


Here's a great gift for your friend about to get married:

50 Shades of Frayed

I mean, why not give them a taste of things to come?  Reality will find them eventually.  I am simply suggesting that they should be prepared for all eventualities...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Revving up to Market the Book

We're new to this book thing.  And really new to the book marketing thing.  With Jackie and Crystal working from home offices, home schooling and generally keeping a billion balls up in the air, and my introversion (my long-term temp work ended in June) we have not done a lot of marketing of our book.  And shows.

So, we are figuring out bit by bit what we need to do...

Some ideas so far:

  • Give away copies of our new book
  • Do a blog tour/blog hop type of thing
  • Bribe our families to buy our book OK, we're not quite there yet...
We're looking for willing participants who might want to do a book review on their blog/interview us/give away copies of our book to help get the word out.

If you're interested please email me at and I will arrange to include you on our tour.  Dates remain flexible at this point, but I'll post more as we solidify plans.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Gmail Style | Dumping unwanted emails

With spring actually slated to occur in the near future here in the Monadnock Region, (shut up--there *are* buds on my lilacs and forsythia!) and me enjoying April Vacation Week, I've been doing a little spring cleaning.

Not in my house, but my in-box.

Happily, as a gmail user, I can just dump all the old mail in "archive" and achieve the much-desired status of "Inbox=Zero".  But that doesn't remedy the incredible amount of crap email I receive on a daily basis.  And I can assure you, that it is, in fact, incredible.

So I pitched everything (4k+ unread emails, never mind all the read ones) into archive on Sunday and have been attending to my email inbox on an almost hourly basis ever since.  Every email that comes in, I'm mentally reviewing,

  1. Do I shop here? (ridiculous numbers of web-stores flood my in-box daily)  
  2. If yes, will I shop here, with or without the email alerts?
  3. If you answer #2 with "Only if I get the email alerts," reconsider #1;  If you answer with "Yes," unsubscribe:  you can always search for deals when you want them (that is why sites like "Retail Me Not" exist, after all...)
  4. Do I *actually WANT* email from this organization?  If not, dump 'em.
  5. When in doubt, unsubscribe.

I've unsubscribed to no fewer than 30 email lists in the last three days.  THIRTY.  That's ridiculous, now, isn't it?  This stuff creeps up on you.  If I weren't on vacation, I wouldn't have time to dedicate to undoing this awful electronic clutter.

Sometimes, I consider just abandoning my email addy and starting fresh.  Have you ever done that?  Just abandoned ship on your junk email?   It makes me kind of nervous...

So here I sit...on my cell phone, finding the miniature "unsubscribe" links at the very bottom of the tiny fine print that concludes all advertising emails, clicking through and unsubscribing to as much as possible before I go blind for the tiny font...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh, there you are, Margaret | or...We Wrote a BOOK!

Remember me?  Your long lost blogger pal, Margaret?

Well, I have indeed been a busy lady. I have been working full time outside of the home lately.  Using my writing skills but in a much different manner than one would imagine by reading this blog.  However, I am loving it, plus it's paying some of the bills and keeping me out and about in public (something this introvert can easily justify avoiding...).

A while ago--two years or so, now--I began working on a project with two fellow bloggers, Jackie Wilson of WritRams fame, and Crystal Paschal from Mom for Less.  Rather than get into a big long description, I give you the fruits of our labor:

Yes, sirree...we published our book, 50 Shades of Frayed: Three Moms Talk About What Happens When "I Do" Becomes "Not Tonight" and I would be so very proud and honored if you would just go over and check it out--I even have an Author's Page at Amazon!

I am going to do my best to get back on my blogging stay tuned! 

FTC Disclosure
++Links are Amazon Associate links...if you click, you'll possibly throw a couple of pennies my way, so thank you!