Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He's coming along

You may recall this past summer I found an old poster from Bubba's days in first grade, where he wrote (and then rubbed out, but it was visible) that doing things to help was just as wrong as folding his mom's underwear.


So, it was with great parental pride that this was found in Bubba's folder yesterday afternoon.  All his work...and illustrations!
"I am funny because I can entertain people.  I am brave because I stand up for people"  The drawing is Bub being "helpful"

See, he really does like to help people! 

More importantly to me, though, is the fact that he is now resisting the urge to be a wise-ass on school work that he deems to be below him.

My boy is growing up...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time to Vote in Podunk

This time it's purely offices are up for grabs, along with some ballot questions so if you are a member of the Podunk voting rolls I urge you to

Get out to the elementary school and get your vote on!

If you're looking for some suggestions...I have my personal preferences on a few of the spots on today's ballot:

Treasurer:  Helene Rogers
Selectman:  Pat Martin
Cemetery Trustee, One Year Term:  Arwen Mellor (write-in)

All good peeps, all looking out for the best interests of Podunk. 

Also a "Yes" on Question 11.  We truly ought to avail ourselves of any potential grant money we can to ensure clean, safe, and inexpensive energy for our community and quite frankly, our country.  Let's pull together on this!

OK, stepping down from my soapbox now...Mostly so I can remind you--on Monday the 19th there will be a wonderful birthday surprise, so stay tuned!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

How'd it get to be March?

Well look at that--we're well into March.  How did that happen so quickly?

So...I haven't been around much.  Mostly because I'm catching up on things around the homestead, happily organizing and getting things closer to sane.  I didn't realize what rough shape I'd been in from a depression/anxiety perspective until I'd been out of it for more than six months. Now, I'm taking steps forward on the organization front and not backsliding--it's hard.  It's taking me a while.

But I'm getting there, and that my friends, has got to count for something!

In anticipation of my birthday, I'm doing something really big and exciting.  I can't tell you what it is, because it's not my birthday yet, but when that day arrives, my pretties...just you wait!  It's a gift to me and to you, and I can't wait to share it!

Enough about that.  I'm ending on a sweet note:  I have a collection of wine glass charms that my sister in law made me.  I often will pull them off the wine glasses and toss them onto the windowsill over the sink.  Daisy arranged a few of them on my ring holder so I'd notice them one morning this week:
So sweet...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Open Letter to Rick Santorum regarding the First Amendment

Dear Mr. Santorum,

So, you've gone and said it.

"I don't believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.  The idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and vision of our country."
And this is where you stand.  You said JFK's speech about religion and its role in the presidency made you want to throw up.

Throw up.

Let me get this out of the way.  That's just an immature--and frankly, base--way to communicate your displeasure with someone else and their opinions.  I tell my kids not to speak that way, and you want to be President?  So that's how you speak about a respected speech on a Sunday news show.  Seriously, Mr. Santorum, grow up.

Moving right would you feel if one of your children attended public school (I know, I know, just work with me here) and was told he could not study a particular science topic with his enrichment teacher.  Outside of the classroom.

That the topic (fossils, incidentally) would tread upon the religious sensibilities of a few students in your child's class whose upbringing includes the belief that our planet is a mere six-thousand-odd years old.

Now remember, those students weren't going to be participating in the project with your child.  The issue was that your child might expose his classmates to beliefs that counter their own and they would find that upsetting. So your child is banned from the project.

Now imagine that you request to move your child out of that classroom.  Not just because of the fossil project, but also because part of his reading curriculum includes a book with a twelve line prayer from a religion that is different from his own, when no other religious perspectives have been offered, nor will be offered, over the course of the curriculum.

How would you feel when you were told that, No, your child wouldn't be moved to a different classroom where he could explore more advanced topics without fear of upsetting fellow students.  He must stay with the teacher and the classmates whose religion chooses to ignore long-established facts about earth science, and he is restricted to only discussing science as he in knows it in the context of a religion that is not his own. But he must be subject to the dogma of others' religions.

That boy was a kindergartener--my son.  And I'm sure that you would agree with me that no child of that age should be indoctrinated in any religious direction other than that which his parents have chosen to expose him.  And certainly not by a publicly funded institution.

But it sounds to me as if you espouse the view that all of that's OK.  So long as it holds with your beliefs, religion can be part of the government--indeed it should be part of our government. 

As an American citizen that completely disgusts me.  (If I were to use your vernacular, I'm sure you know what I'd say about it...)  Our country was founded on the belief that our citizens should not be subject to a state-run religion.  That in fact, ALL of us are created equal, not just those who believe in your brand of Christianity.

In fact, when I consult my pocket constitution it doesn't say anywhere in there that one needs to be a Christian to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So a big part of me hopes that you really do become the GOP nominee.  Because I do have faith.

Faith that the majority of my fellow voters, when in the privacy of the voting booth, will recognize that your brand of bat-shit-crazy zealotry is exactly what our country doesn't need right now. 

Margaret Barney
Registered Voter

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January is almost over!

Yes, I'm excited about it ending.  I have decided that I will enjoy the hell out of February despite my historic distaste for the entire month (save for the anniversary of my first date with the's truly February's saving grace).

I've got my head meds squared away, my Happy Lights are glowing, and--hot damn!--the taxes are even filed.  The kids are doing reasonably well, hub's happy at work, and now?  Now I am working on me.  That means writing more, as well as making small steps in my never-ending quest for organization around this chaotic house!  And hip-hip hooray, for the first time in TEN days, I don't have a sick kid at home with me.

So now I've got a few things up my sleeve.  Despite my writing hiatus, I have a draft about our latest pets (yes, that's plural) and I'm just getting it polished up for Prime Parents Club.  Speaking of which--Jackie has been so busy over there, updating the site.  There are even perks for being a member (you know, beyond reading the amazing writers that she's got contributing) and I'm hoping to get in on the first one myself, since it's a course in couponing, and I could use all the help I can get in that respect. Go on...go over there and check things out! 

I have a number of book reviews I want to share, one from a local author, which was a very entertaining read, the jewelry book that I received from the illustrious and ever-creative Margot Potter, and an MG that Daisy recently brought home from the library.

And here and there, I'll throw in some more of the v-logs.  Because,'s fun.  Look, here's one I did a couple of weeks ago...

Disclaimer:  I realize that every time I publicly announce on my blog that I shall henceforth ______, I tend to flop disastrously.  However, I am an optimist at heart, so I'm giving it a whirl one more time.