Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Gmail Style | Dumping unwanted emails

With spring actually slated to occur in the near future here in the Monadnock Region, (shut up--there *are* buds on my lilacs and forsythia!) and me enjoying April Vacation Week, I've been doing a little spring cleaning.

Not in my house, but my in-box.

Happily, as a gmail user, I can just dump all the old mail in "archive" and achieve the much-desired status of "Inbox=Zero".  But that doesn't remedy the incredible amount of crap email I receive on a daily basis.  And I can assure you, that it is, in fact, incredible.

So I pitched everything (4k+ unread emails, never mind all the read ones) into archive on Sunday and have been attending to my email inbox on an almost hourly basis ever since.  Every email that comes in, I'm mentally reviewing,

  1. Do I shop here? (ridiculous numbers of web-stores flood my in-box daily)  
  2. If yes, will I shop here, with or without the email alerts?
  3. If you answer #2 with "Only if I get the email alerts," reconsider #1;  If you answer with "Yes," unsubscribe:  you can always search for deals when you want them (that is why sites like "Retail Me Not" exist, after all...)
  4. Do I *actually WANT* email from this organization?  If not, dump 'em.
  5. When in doubt, unsubscribe.

I've unsubscribed to no fewer than 30 email lists in the last three days.  THIRTY.  That's ridiculous, now, isn't it?  This stuff creeps up on you.  If I weren't on vacation, I wouldn't have time to dedicate to undoing this awful electronic clutter.

Sometimes, I consider just abandoning my email addy and starting fresh.  Have you ever done that?  Just abandoned ship on your junk email?   It makes me kind of nervous...

So here I sit...on my cell phone, finding the miniature "unsubscribe" links at the very bottom of the tiny fine print that concludes all advertising emails, clicking through and unsubscribing to as much as possible before I go blind for the tiny font...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh, there you are, Margaret | or...We Wrote a BOOK!

Remember me?  Your long lost blogger pal, Margaret?

Well, I have indeed been a busy lady. I have been working full time outside of the home lately.  Using my writing skills but in a much different manner than one would imagine by reading this blog.  However, I am loving it, plus it's paying some of the bills and keeping me out and about in public (something this introvert can easily justify avoiding...).

A while ago--two years or so, now--I began working on a project with two fellow bloggers, Jackie Wilson of WritRams fame, and Crystal Paschal from Mom for Less.  Rather than get into a big long description, I give you the fruits of our labor:

Yes, sirree...we published our book, 50 Shades of Frayed: Three Moms Talk About What Happens When "I Do" Becomes "Not Tonight" and I would be so very proud and honored if you would just go over and check it out--I even have an Author's Page at Amazon!

I am going to do my best to get back on my blogging stay tuned! 

FTC Disclosure
++Links are Amazon Associate links...if you click, you'll possibly throw a couple of pennies my way, so thank you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He's coming along

You may recall this past summer I found an old poster from Bubba's days in first grade, where he wrote (and then rubbed out, but it was visible) that doing things to help was just as wrong as folding his mom's underwear.


So, it was with great parental pride that this was found in Bubba's folder yesterday afternoon.  All his work...and illustrations!
"I am funny because I can entertain people.  I am brave because I stand up for people"  The drawing is Bub being "helpful"

See, he really does like to help people! 

More importantly to me, though, is the fact that he is now resisting the urge to be a wise-ass on school work that he deems to be below him.

My boy is growing up...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time to Vote in Podunk

This time it's purely offices are up for grabs, along with some ballot questions so if you are a member of the Podunk voting rolls I urge you to

Get out to the elementary school and get your vote on!

If you're looking for some suggestions...I have my personal preferences on a few of the spots on today's ballot:

Treasurer:  Helene Rogers
Selectman:  Pat Martin
Cemetery Trustee, One Year Term:  Arwen Mellor (write-in)

All good peeps, all looking out for the best interests of Podunk. 

Also a "Yes" on Question 11.  We truly ought to avail ourselves of any potential grant money we can to ensure clean, safe, and inexpensive energy for our community and quite frankly, our country.  Let's pull together on this!

OK, stepping down from my soapbox now...Mostly so I can remind you--on Monday the 19th there will be a wonderful birthday surprise, so stay tuned!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

How'd it get to be March?

Well look at that--we're well into March.  How did that happen so quickly?

So...I haven't been around much.  Mostly because I'm catching up on things around the homestead, happily organizing and getting things closer to sane.  I didn't realize what rough shape I'd been in from a depression/anxiety perspective until I'd been out of it for more than six months. Now, I'm taking steps forward on the organization front and not backsliding--it's hard.  It's taking me a while.

But I'm getting there, and that my friends, has got to count for something!

In anticipation of my birthday, I'm doing something really big and exciting.  I can't tell you what it is, because it's not my birthday yet, but when that day arrives, my pretties...just you wait!  It's a gift to me and to you, and I can't wait to share it!

Enough about that.  I'm ending on a sweet note:  I have a collection of wine glass charms that my sister in law made me.  I often will pull them off the wine glasses and toss them onto the windowsill over the sink.  Daisy arranged a few of them on my ring holder so I'd notice them one morning this week:
So sweet...