Friday, July 4, 2008

And the rockets' red glare...

The bombs bursting in air...

Or in my kitchen. Because I had another "lesson learned" moment on Wednesday.

I'm a former Tupper-lady. Never made it to status of Tupper-whore (I just couldn't find the life-long-love-affair-feeling for those particular petroleum products). Wednesday morning, a beautiful Summer morning, without humidity, but with beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds, I was inspired to make Jell-O. It's easy, and I don't make it often, (that will become more readily apparent in the next few sentences...) so I gave it a whirl--and hey, the kids love it.

Digging into my Tupperware cupboard (yes, I still have a lot of product!), I selected a container with a seal that I could find. I poured in the cherry Jell-O mix, and boiled up two cups of water in the Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. When it was boiling, I stirred it into the mix, and was inspired!

Why not seal the container and shake it? I hate grainy Jell-O so, this seems like a good idea. I thought I was being so industrious.

I wasn't.

I was being incredibly stoooooooopid.

Because if you put boiling hot water in a container, close it, and then attempt to shake it, do you know what happens?

I'll tell you what happens. No, I'll do you one better. I'll show you what happens (be sure to click the photo for the full effect):

I made the decision to not photograph myself after this incident, but let's just say that I immediately showered, and scrubbed the cherry splotches off my face (mostly my neck, actually) and arms. Under the warm shower, I was able to feel each and every spot on my arms where minute drops of boiling (and grainy! grrr) gelatin had landed on me--offering a quick pinprick of searing heat, before cooling and sticking.

No worries, these were minor, minor mini-burns. The damage, most certainly, was to my ego. I really can't believe I didn't think this one through before I executed.

Seriously? Duh.

Just, Duh.


So, there you have it. Another cautionary tale of explosives...

Use care when igniting fireworks this Independence Day, Kids. And always, always use care when making Jell-O.


Bond said...

RUT RO ....

I have done similar things and had long cleaning sessions in the kitchen...

makes jello shaking in tupperware...

Enjoy the 4th!

Mid-Life Isis said...

Oy...let the guilt games begin....As a wise older sis, I should have mentioned my own experience when I, too, was a young TupperGal. Alas, so many years have passed that I forget the actual name of my own explosive plasticware. I think it's called a quick-shake or something like that...

Anyway...I decided that I could most certainly do Mom one better in the gravy department. No lumps for this genius. I placed hot broth and flour in my quick-shake, put in the little propeller thingy, sealed the domed lid and proceeded to shake, shake, shake, KERSPLAT!!! Hot, pasty goo all over my 10 square foot kitchen, all over my face, chest and hair, and the aroma....mmmmmmm--BEEFY!

I guess I should have made it a point to share this with you BEFORE bad!

And your photo implies that, in fact, there is NOT always room for JELL-O.

Can't wait to read your recipe for chocolate pudding--LOL!!

Mid-Life Isis said...

I'm back to mention that I find the photo fascinating. It's like an "I Spy" book.

It offers so many teeny insights into the world of Just Margaret.

So...about that flask...?


Just Margaret said...

Bond, between you and my sis, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one to do such idiotic things!

Oh, MLI, I'm laughing so hard at your gravy story, I may need to run to Target for Poise pads! Mmmmmmm...Beefy!

It's true, folks. Intelligence runs in my family. Common sense? Well, sometimes lacking...As for the flask, it is from my vast eBay inventory. It is also now ours. And I ask you, for whom do you think I bought the Father's Day card?? heh heh heh