Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh yes, I'm here.

November has been a crazy month.  In that It's not supposed to be this crazy if I'm not even hosting Thanksgiving or houseguests kind of way.  It caught me unaware somehow, and threw me all off.  So allow me to just blurt out what's on my mind, so I can clear the decks and get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

The kids are home all week long for Thanksgiving.  As a result of an unplanned extended holiday vacation (the fallout of the big ice storm two years ago), the school board decided to make the first two days of Thanksgiving Week teacher workshop days,so the workshops wouldn't get snowed/iced out. Members of the staff have to work, but the kids don't have to report to school.

Teachers I've talked to don't dig having the kids out for an entire week in November followed by a week and a half at the end of December.  Parents aren't keen on it either, never mind the child-care headaches that can create for folks who work outside the home.

But, for the time being, that's the school calendar.  So, I will be giving thanks Thursday for many things, including my wonderful family.  But rest assured, I will be giving thanks again when school resumes on Monday.

Saw this today on the web.  Talk about taking charge of the situation!  I wonder if more women stood up to creeps like this guy if the subways wouldn't be a different place.  More detail on Jezebel.  (Audio is NSFW)

I have officially bagged NaNoWriMo.  Any mo could operate as an NoWriMo, am I right?  As I suspected, this month, it's a no-go.   Too many things popped up this month...with the family, the non-profit with which I work as a board member, the kids' school, I could go on.  But we all know what it's like when stuff starts snowballing, so I shan't prattle on about that.  

The Amazon thing seems to have died down.  I gave a lot of thought to this one, because I had stated so unequivocally that they must remove the pedophile guide if I were to continue doing business with them.  Interestingly, the very afternoon that I published that post, I received an Amazon delivery that contained my next read for the neighborhood book club.

Amazon did take the title down.  I was pleased to see that, but dismayed that they didn't issue any kind of a release regarding the situation.    As far as I know, they still haven't.  After they pulled the title I was still on the fence.  Do I stick with Amazon?  I wasn't sure.  

Then, I read a few things that impacted me.  Specifically, blog posts by authors like Rita Arens, and Gene Doucette, who have some of their own work published via Amazon--work which might not otherwise be available for purchase.  These are writers who, like the rest of us, are plugging away at their passion.

They have that passion, and Amazon gives them a platform.  And that's what got me.  So for now, I'm sticking with Amazon.  I'm not prepared to abolish that platform from my own personal purchasing options nor to prohibit it from being available to others by removing the Amazon links from my page.  And to be sure, this is not because I am raking in the bucks with Amazon links:  I'm not exactly dining on filet mignon as a result of the single purchase that has been made via my blog in the last six months. 

So, I think that's my brain dump for the last two weeks.  I've got other stuff swirling around in here, but it's incoherent right now.  I'm trying to hone in on new writing goals for the coming year (though I hate 'resolutions'), and I'm hopeful that the next six weeks will help me to crystallize what's next.

I think I have writer's ADD.  Just when I think one direction is the way to go, I see something shiny, and want to write about it.  I have to find a way to shut out the shiny and just dive further into what I've got going already.  

Wait...is that a quarter on the floor under the desk?  Nope, just my next 'big' writing idea.

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