Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January is almost over!

Yes, I'm excited about it ending.  I have decided that I will enjoy the hell out of February despite my historic distaste for the entire month (save for the anniversary of my first date with the hub...it's truly February's saving grace).

I've got my head meds squared away, my Happy Lights are glowing, and--hot damn!--the taxes are even filed.  The kids are doing reasonably well, hub's happy at work, and now?  Now I am working on me.  That means writing more, as well as making small steps in my never-ending quest for organization around this chaotic house!  And hip-hip hooray, for the first time in TEN days, I don't have a sick kid at home with me.

So now I've got a few things up my sleeve.  Despite my writing hiatus, I have a draft about our latest pets (yes, that's plural) and I'm just getting it polished up for Prime Parents Club.  Speaking of which--Jackie has been so busy over there, updating the site.  There are even perks for being a member (you know, beyond reading the amazing writers that she's got contributing) and I'm hoping to get in on the first one myself, since it's a course in couponing, and I could use all the help I can get in that respect. Go on...go over there and check things out! 

I have a number of book reviews I want to share, one from a local author, which was a very entertaining read, the jewelry book that I received from the illustrious and ever-creative Margot Potter, and an MG that Daisy recently brought home from the library.

And here and there, I'll throw in some more of the v-logs.  Because, well...it's fun.  Look, here's one I did a couple of weeks ago...

Disclaimer:  I realize that every time I publicly announce on my blog that I shall henceforth ______, I tend to flop disastrously.  However, I am an optimist at heart, so I'm giving it a whirl one more time. 


Missy said...

have you guys had a ton of snow? We've hardly had any this year!

Just Margaret said...

No, we haven't. We had a huge storm just before Halloween and a few little snowfalls, but I see more lawn now than I have in February in years.

I'm still eager for spring though! And happy that heating my house this winter hasn't been as expensive.